When to Spot if Homeowner Is Desperate to Sell



Below are some subtle signs to see if a homeowner wants to find a buyer ASAP!

  1. The listing begs 'BUY ME!'

    • Multiple price reduction
    • Asking price below market value
    • Seller is looking to unload the home "as is."
    • Seller is looking for a “cash” transaction.
  2. The curb appeal isn’t up to par

    • Owner no longer focused on maintaining their
    • Overgrown lawn
    • Garden beds that could use a good weeding
    • Closed blinds, even on a gorgeous day
    • Unread newspapers on the porch
  3. The closets are almost empty or not full

    • Only has a man's or a woman's clothing, it can be an indication of a divorce
  4. There has been a new addition to the family

    • Crib that barely fits in the parents' bedroom
    • Hospital bed or oxygen tank in the living room.
  5. The property is listed by an estate

  6. The homeowners answer questions quickly and candidly

    • Desperates seller won't beat around the bush,
  7. The sellers have already moved out of the property

    • House is vacant
    • Owner has already settled into a new home

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